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Susan Anthony
California Carolina Dogs

This Summer our science museum, the Exploratorium, is planning a public program on the history and diversity of dog breeds. We would like our visitors to see representatives of ancient dogs. We are interested in the Carolina Dog because of it's unique status as a probable ancient North American dog.

Carolina Dog

Geographic Origin United States
Date of Origin Antiquity
First Use Sentry, hunting companion
Use Today Companion

The Exploratorium Exhibition Featured the short and soft coat Carolina Dog

Dear Susan,

I can not express in words how happy I am to have found out about the Carolina dog. I was very fortunate to have had a Carolina dog as my best friend for 14 years. I have attached a picture of Arrow to share with you. I never knew what type of dog he was, just that he was very special. When he passed last February I thought that I would never find another dog like him. I just happen to have been searching the web one night and came across your web site. My heart stopped. I was looking at Arrow. It has been almost a year since Arrow passed and I feel that my family and I are ready for a new dog.

I would love to know more about your dogs and your process of purchasing one.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon, Renee Seaborg

The puppy (Loki) is doing wonderful, he is 51 lbs. and at last vet check (Last week) was healthy and growing nicely. 2 weeks ago he finished “Puppy PreSchool” and I will be signing him up for Basic Obedience class this week. Since Im at work I don’t have any picture of him, but I will get some and send them over.

He is a ball of energy and cannot get enough of the outside. Him and I go on hike almost every weekend and he seems to enjoy it. Other then that, things are going very well.

I hope all is well with you and your dogs

Thanks again


He is a ball of energy (hyperactivity). Hahaha..
Loki loves the snow and loves to run! J

Hi Susan,
I haven't written in a while and just wanted to let you know Loki is doing wonderful. The vet I take him to loves him and I get compliments on him all the time. Thanks again, within the next year I maybe looking to get another one.

Hope all is well, I will send you some more update photos shortly.


Douglas J. Miller


Hello Susan,

Just wanted to let you know that things are going great w/ Mojo. Here are a few pictures. Thanks again for everything.

Scott Porter

Just a note to say how in love with Jess I am. She's coming up on 2 years old now, and what a sweet natured dog she is. She adores me, and the feeling is mutual. We've moved to the Blue Lakes area in Lake County where Jess & her Fox Terrier have nearly an acre of fenced yard to play in. One of her favorite games is to race along the fence with kids on bikes. (She always wins!) No barking with it... no agressive behavior... she just likes the fun of the race. She's got a reputation in the neighborhood as being VERY FAST.

I've been searching the web looking at Carolina Dogs that need to have new homes, mostly Carolina mixes... not really NEEDING to have another dog, but I guess there's something about this time of year. Keep up the good work! These are such special dogs, in my biased opinion!

Hope things are well with you.

Robin Cottrell

Hi, Susan. Robin Cottrell here, cruising Carolina Dog sites on a slow afternoon at work! Just thought I'd say hi, and tell you how nice your photos are. And that I love my Jess more all the time. I can hardly stand the thought of what it will be like to lose her some day. She & I are pretty much joined at the hip these days, whenever possible.

Did you see that article from Kenya about the mama dog that found an abandoned human baby and took her back to her den, thus saving her life? She looked really similar to the Carolina Dog... that feral, wild dog type.

I wanted to ask you if "snorting" is kind of a breed habit... Jess does that as a mode of communication. Like "glad to see you", or "what do you want to do next?", or "aren't you glad we're friends?"... It's a happy, contented sort of comment.

Hope things are going well with you.
Drop a line.


Hi Susan,

Grace is such a little joy. She's so cute and a quick learner.

Thanks so much. I just wanted to let you know we are back in Seattle, Grace was a good little traveler. She loves my back yard (spent a lot of time there today) but is a little timid about my house. I bet that won't last long. She does enjoy her little crate to hide in.

How is Silky, is it hard on her or the litter when they loose a family member?

Thanks again it was a pleasure meeting you and your dogs (Josie is such a character). Me and Grace will have a great life together.

Take care and I'll stay in touch.


Hi Federico,

I got a puppy from Susan 3 weeks ago and was talking to her today and sharing how I get sleep at night and she asked that I share it with you.

My dog, Grace eats at about 7:00am, 12:00 and 5:00pm. I take her water away at about 6:00-7:00pm and then before I go to bed 10:00pm -11:00pm. I take her out and she usually goes both pooh and pee before bed and she is good until about 5:30am or 6:00am. I have her in a crate by my bed so she won't go in her nest and holds it. I have learned upon rising in the morning for me to take my pee, get my clothes on and be all ready to go outside immediately upon letting her out of the crate. Otherwise, they will piddle on the floor.

Also know that they need to pee immediately after waking up. You will learn that I'm sure.

You do need to take the water away for this to work, otherwise they will drink right before going to bed and they can't hold it through the night. She now knows when I point to the ground and say "do it" that I want her to go and it only takes a few minutes now versus 10-15 or so when we started. Also I know she's going to drink a lot in the morning and needs to go out about every hour
after that.

Hope this helps. The pups are great, Grace is learning so fast and she's very devoted to me.

Joleen Smith

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